Scott Bertram

Scott Bertram

Scott Bertram is an abstract painter who has been based in the Comox Valley since 2014. Scott takes an improvisational approach to painting, emphasizing material processes, playing with the dynamics of perception, and striving to access ideas and sensations beyond the reach of language.

As a teacher, Scott’s objective is to assist and inspire students towards a sustained and enriching relationship with the production and understanding of art. One of the aspects of teaching that Scott enjoys the most is introducing students to new ideas about what art is, what it can look like, and how it can be made. The end goal of any of his courses is not only to impart specific technical and creative skills, but to encourage students to develop ambition, passion, and curiosity towards how those specific skills may be used in inventive ways for their own means.

Scott has previously taught studio art classes at NSCAD University (Halifax), the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg), OCAD University (Toronto) as well as North Island College in Courtenay.

He has a BFA from the University of British Columbia Okanagan and an MFA from NSCAD University. His paintings have been shown in solo and group exhibitions across Canada as well as internationally.

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