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Our Learning Pathway

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Have you ever been in a group learning environment and felt like you do not have the appropriate skills to be there? It’s especially frustrating when you went in being told that “beginners are welcome”, when clearly there are few beginners. It can be discouraging and awkward, right? We hear you. And there’s the other side too, when your skills are well beyond most in the class. It can get boring in a hurry because there’s not a lot for you to do! We get it.

Levelled Art Classes

Our solution to this was to introduce tiered art classes (our “Learning Pathway”). We started with Acrylic Painting and named it the “Very Beginner Acrylic Painting Workshop“. Pretty straightforward, right? Furthermore, we required experience for our “Acrylic Painting 2” classes. Admittedly, we were a little nervous about that. We wanted to be as inclusive as possible. It turned out to be a better experience for our customers, since everyone already knew the basics! So you don’t need to be nervous about taking an art class with us. It’s all good! Everyone knows whether it’s for Very Beginners (Level 1) or those with experience (Level 2 or 3). We want everyone to have a sense of belonging in our classes. In 2019, we will be broadening the levels into our Drawing Classes and Watercolour Classes. So you can expect more frequent, short, one-day “Very Beginner” workshops from us!

Our Learning Pathway

Level 1 Focus: Learning the Basics “Level 1” classes are for students with little or no experience. So, you will learn the basic skills for use of tools and introduction to the medium. Level 2 Focus: Skill Development If you seek continued learning and practicing, try the “Level 2” classes. Skill development is the focus, and you will take these classes repeatedly for continued practice. Level 3 Focus: Specialized Learning Finally, “Level 3” classes are designed for students who are comfortable working with the tools, mediums and selecting subject matter. These classes typically focus on advancing specific material and creative skills while allowing students to make individual choices on their projects.