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Jess Kaufman

Art is just so fun! The possibilities are endless and I love the constant opportunities for problem solving. As Bob Ross used to say “There’s no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

I get to experiment all the time with different techniques and mediums. Art also allows me to get out of my thinking patterns. If I’m stressed about something, art can be the vehicle to get it out of my brain – sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently.

As for teaching, there is nothing better than seeing someone have that moment of realization – the moment that everything just clicks. That moment is different for everyone. It might be that they see the improvements in their abilities or it might be the moment they solve a design problem.

Passing on a love of art and getting people excited about art making is so gratifying. There’s an art for everyone! So many people think “I’m not an artist.” And it ends there. But seeing someone go from “I’m not an artist” to “Hey this is fun” to “I CAN make art” is the coolest! It’s like anything else in life – the more you do it, the better you get!

I graduated some years ago from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Education with a speciality in Secondary Art and hold a valid BC Teaching Certificate. After many years, teaching many subjects, I’ve finally come back to the only place I ever really wanted to be – the art room.


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