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Puddleducks Are Coming!

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What Are Puddleducks?

They weigh 20-40lbs, are super cute and love playing in the mud. We are talking about little students at J Puddleducks Pre-School in Courtenay! This preschool is amazing! These little tykes are hopping on a bus to tour downtown Courtenay in a couple of weeks to check out Lupine Art Studio…

Their October Program – Hometown Helpers

Part of their learning program is taking the kids out to the community to show them how different organizations contribute locally. Hence, “Hometown Helpers” is their focus for October this year. They typically visit to places like the police station, library, dentist, firehall, hospital, etc. But this fall, they wanted to expand and include an art/creativity component to their program, so they are going to come to our studio. We are super excited!

We get to have them for about an hour at the studio. In that time, we will talk about how everyone has a role to play in a healthy and vibrant community. We will touch our role in developing community through creativity through our art classes and providing access to those with financial barriers. We will of course have a few fun activities planned to tie it all together, because we all know that preschoolers aren’t into lectures!

For more info our children’s art classes, including Preschooler’s (3-5yrs), go here.