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ValleyDad’s is back, and expanding with ValleyFamilies!

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Last year, I found out about ValleyDad’s and attended a few with our daughters. What a fantastic opportunity to get out and do something different together. It was a special treat for us on Wednesday evenings and a reminder of how important it is to spend quality time together. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day… ValleyDad’s made it so easy to do this, and it was free to boot!

About ValleyDad’s

ValleyDad’s is all about facilitating engagement of fathers and their children with various activities on a weekly basis. It’s really a great program!

ValleyDad’s is sponsored by:

Currently, the coordination is temporarily done by LUSH Valley (Thanks Andrea!). There are many other community partners that assist in delivering of programs, such as:

  • Comox Valley Libraries
  • Cumberland Parks and Recreation
  • Comox Valley Regional District
  • Comox Recreation
  • Black Creek Community Association
  • And of course – Lupine Art Studio!

There are a wide range of activities such as climbing, Little Chefs, Aboriginal storytelling, open gym and art – all of which are free of charge.

What’s awesome this year is that CV Early Years Collaborative and Success by 6 were awarded a grant from United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island to add even more programming, and this time with families in mind. Hence, ValleyFamilies being born, and this Fall will be the first time we’ve run this programming. It is sponsored by all the same folks with the addition of United Way.

For more information on ValleyDad’s and ValleyFamiles – go here:

How We Work Together

Most children love art because it’s an outlet for their expansive imaginations, as well as a tactile way to learn.  As we grow older, a lot of us lose touch of our creative selves. Art is an amazing way to engage with your children because skill and finished product does not matter – it’s all about the creative process. Lucky for you and your kids, your creative sides can be tapped into at any age!

We help out by delivering free art classes to the participants of ValleyDads and ValleyFamilies. The program is all about engaging with your family, and art is a fantastic vehicle to do that! Check out our kids and family classes here: