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Work 2 Wellness Program with School District 71

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School District 71 – Work 2 Wellness Program

SD71 Wellness Program is an exciting program that is committed to educating and supporting employees and their families in various lifestyle areas, including but not limited to: financial wellness, physical activity, healthy living, nutrition & mental health.

Whether it’s trying to improve your health or obtain a certain fitness level, the Work 2 Wellness program has partnered with local businesses and organizations in an effort to foster positive lifestyle changes by offering great discounts to wellness programs, activities, resources, and services for all SD71 employees.

How We Work Together

Practicing creativity is vital to a healthy lifestyle and positive mental health.

We are proud to be a community partner of the Work 2 Wellness Program by offering discounted pricing on art classes for our local SD71 employees; including support staff, educational assistants, educators and their families.

If you are an SD71 employee, please let us know before registering for a class to receive discount.