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My first art class…

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I’m not an art person… I’m Derek. This will be a little series on my journey through my first art class!

Well, I’ve poured countless hours into the ‘business’ side of Lupine Art Studio over the past year. It’s certainly been challenging and stressful at times, a state I gravitate to without knowing it. I’m comfortable in my one-person office, effectively (so I think) multi-tasking between Lupine Art Studio and everything else I manage in there… It’s the place where the magic happens! That’s what I tell myself anyway.

Look, obviously Lupine Art Studio wasn’t something I created – Jess gets all of the credit for that. She is the visionary, always keeping us on track with the big picture. I spend time on the nitty gritty details. I.e. –
Jess: “Can you cut this board up for stamps about this long?”
Derek: “So 3 1/2″ square?”
Jess: *Eyeroll*

But it’s about time I step out of my comfort zone. It’s about time I take an art class.

I spent a bit of time in the art room in high-school, grade 8 I think. I thought it would be a breeze – yeah right. I transferred out stat. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, rather, I found it too difficult. Too much right brain, not enough left.

Tomorrow, I’m going to take my first art class with Beth Borsato in Print Stamp Paint Glue. We’ll be leaning about image transfers, mono-prints, stamping, etc… And I’m looking forward to it!

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