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It’s Never Too Late To Start Creating Art!

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There are many misconceptions about creating art, but probably the most hampering is the notion that creating art is only for those who are naturally gifted at it. You should be able to pick up a brush and create masterpieces at a young age or else you’re just wasting your time, they say. After all, when Van Gogh decided he’d become an artist, he made the Hand of the Peasants on his first try, right?

Here is the much more optimistic truth: art is for EVERYONE, and it doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re young or old, whether you’re a natural or struggling at it, art has something to offer you. Without art, the world would be a bleaker, drier, less fantastic place. We wouldn’t have films to watch, music to listen to, or paintings to gaze at. It’s through art that we make sense of the world, and it’s also how we belong in it.

Art is what makes humans human.

Here at Lupine Art Studio, we encourage art learning at ANY stage in life. It’s never too early or too late to begin. Aside from refining your motor skills, enhancing your creativity, and boosting your problem solving ability, art has a therapeutic value that cannot be replicated through scientific means. The process of creation inherent in art simply rewires our brains in ways too complex to even comprehend. You gain a newfound appreciation for life and its infinite possibilities.

Simple beginnings

“But doing art, not to mention great art, is too difficult,” you may say. Well, the greatest of things always start from the simplest of beginnings. At Lupine Art Studio, we have created “Very Beginner” classes to get you started. These classes will give you the tools to start down your own creative path. Because we believe that art should be accessible for anyone if they have the desire and willingness to learn.

If you’ve never touched a paint brush in your life, you have all the more reason to start today. At the very least, you’ll gain new friends in a warm and welcoming community. At the most, you’ll find confidence in expressing yourself through mediums known to have a meditative and calming effect. So often after a class, people would say that their brain took a break from whatever was on their mind before, and they feel relaxed and happy.

Art is all around us, and it shapes the physical world we have created. It’s great to be looking at art from a distance and appreciating works of art for their value. However, there’s no substitute to the actual process of creating something out of nothing. So maybe in learning art, you will discover a side of yourself – a creative, inventive side – that’s waiting to be unleashed. There’s no harm in trying!